Monday, May 4, 2009

Gloating Week Before Period

first African

I prepare mid-year reflections ...
The world around me is growing every day more beautiful and terrible in front of my eyes, insistent idealist dreamer of a better future.

At this point of the trace always differences with what preceded it is projected as flaming lance my goals for what's to come.

I feel good and pleasantly optimistic. Perhaps because today
and 'just another sunny day, it seems to me that something good will happen in the not yet clear. Something like a
turning over the current situation ... something like a 'and' was hard but we made it. "

As I write these words, casting and heart, I am reminded of that every day, every second, every moment in which the exhaled breath from our mouths something wonderful and something devastating happens in this planet.
But I do not think only of the hundreds of young souls who cross the door of the existence or into tears of relief to the hundreds of victims of a holocaust of injustice that has continued for centuries in our human history.

I just think the waves of the sea that washes the shores of a warm autumn African approaches, I think Mr Mondlane, my neighbor of 86 years who meet every morning to climb the stairs slowly, I think of the deep green of the acacias on the first morning when I leave home to go to work, I think of the fragrant flowers of frangipani scattered along the way, I do not think I would like today was just another day.

A shiver of pleasure runs through my spine.
Then comes the next thought which I would like to escape.

And what remains? ask me my demons stewards unbelievers.
What remains are the same sad stories of all time ...
A new flu that kills people like ourselves (but we can believe?) ... The insinuation that something is deliberately caused, to god knows what ambition for power, penetrates into my eardrums like a needle sharp.

What else?
Eh ... what else?
Hunger, Poverty, War and Carefree human I say.
And then?
And then external debt, corrupt politics and deceit.
No, violence, indifference and silence '.
is still ...

cynical smile and think this sounds like a life counterpart.
Nothing for nothing.

But who makes the rules?

I believe that each of us that its own rules and that is why I have always been convinced of the magical power of individual human actions. Those little actions
sufficient in themselves, that when combined into a single flow (to steal a term from urban music) burst into our daily lives by breaking the monotony routinely lean.
Wow! This and that 's a nice thought that is worth retaining.
Something that makes us feel unique and useful.
Can 'seem like a joke or an exaggeration, but almost all of us we badly need.
Maybe someone up there in the silent celestial spheres you a good laugh for our continuous human trying to be essential.
Yet I feel it.

Maybe for the other part of year we can still imagine that there remains essential ... For example ...
not delegating what is our task to do. For example ...
giving a little 'more space priorities and leaving a' more secondarietà'ae terziarietà aside all that obscure to our will (s) ta.
Embracing strong someone we love, listening what they have to tell us more carefully, giving something which we really someone who really needs it, wanting essre exactly where we are, doing things more slowly, breathing deeply, sharing ...

you 'cause Happiness is not real Unless shared ,

happiness is not' real ... if you do not share

I close this post and these thoughts in May imagining of actually succeeding.

Good day to you all ...


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