Thursday, December 24, 2009

Swollen Teets In Dogs

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The opening of new routes with fast Pendolino white-red Trenitalia have left us open-mouthed firmly attached to the arms of our chairs while housewives excellent guests, ministers, secretaries (who rode on the running board always free!) spotted the Italian Railways as antagonistic fran├žaise de la Grande Vitesse-tested torpedoes and Japan, with strokes of backslapping and sparkling wine glasses even he realized that the vibrations of the new large technology company of Italy.
Then we woke up, we left the grip on the armrests and we ended up with no trains, no planes, no highways, no shovellers, without means of assistance, without cots and mineral water in the halls of the airports, without information, girovaganti altered by sixteen 'hours of travel firm support to the windows watching the snow fascinated.
We should ask: "But to the north and south of Zurich Rovaniemi how do they fly or take a train?
Come on Tremonti said:" The crisis is over, we are the country with the highest recovery of Europe, and all this on the Government which produces VIP trains to and resignation and silence for all those communists who had remained illusion weather Marxist-Leninist ".
Wash and knock out our shoes in our house, rather than churning out dream rankings in times of full moon.

photos © Aleyakke


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