Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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Our Dream

On Jan. 15 last he reached 81 years.
If he were alive we would have celebrated with deep emotion and gratitude, and yet, even after 42 years after his death, we continue to celebrate in our hearts, our heads held high, proud and grateful to have known him and followed the example of Justice and Strength, difficult in the last century as a precursor of the long and arduous journey towards freedom and nonviolence.
Almost everyone, even those who have not shared his own historical era, we remember the words of the Reverend of Atalanta. We recall that particular tone of his voice and stillness look in the long sermons about reconciliation and coexistence among racial and cultural diversity; remember in his 35 years he was the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, remember that unforgettable I have a dream that in 1999 was considered a of the finest speeches of the twentieth century. We hear those words that still lives within us stirs up the call of hope for an alternative and feasible in which Martin Luther King poured out his life.

Thinking about all that managed to achieve in his short life path, it occurs to me that one of his great merits was that of sows in the hearts of those listening gave him the seed of hope, able to give voice and action in front of world public opinion. So his words still move us and that is why we still believe in the desire to build rather than destroy, to terminate rather than ignore, to fight with the determination of the spirit rather than the hardness of weapons and violence. Even when nobody is listening.

In the communications era, where everything is fast flat-spotted in the media, it is difficult to find open spaces to give voice to this struggle today. Current events are the major news of war and disaster, the news are the reports of urban violence, the scoop of the economic crisis, the exclusive interviews Hollywood.
We see today in these days of fervor about the situation in Haiti, the island that was not there and that from day to day fills our homes with its images of pain and despair. Haiti "finally" in the television space sgom claiming an eye on her for so long denied. Now
rain and rivers of dollars of humanitarian aid to Haiti, although it must make sure that the 100 million earmarked by the U.S. government for emergency Haiti are a warm shade of 30 billion dollars allocated for sending 30,000 more troops in Afghanistan and also the financial support of Italy, for its part in this first phase amounts to approximately 5.7 million euro, yet if anything close to well-placed € 242 million allocated for the war in Afghanistan in 2010. I think this definitely was not the dream of Haiti.
Here the time was the dream of Haiti? It was probably a dream of social and economic justice, a dream of profound political transformation towards the correct redistribution of wealth. It was a dream like that of many other peoples who remain silent out of our newsletters, it was a dream much like that of Martin Luther King.

In the 1967 speech "Beyond Vietnam," King, denouncing the U.S. occupation of the territory of Vietnam, said that "True compassion is not so much nell'elemosina to a beggar, as a change in the companies avoid creating beggars. "
This is also our dream.


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