Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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If I say I did the male lover.
But this is not ... and so I say that I found a friend .... the best of friends, that I was literally saved my life.
It gives me a great hand at home, warm, dry and iron for me.
It helps me keep the house in order, making me avoid accumulation of stuff to iron your clothes smell and especially as only she can do.
He reorganized the spaces in my home, why not me anymore to put the hangers in the house, or for weeks on the open terrace with stuff that eventually stretched smell of damp.
is not intrusive because it takes up very little space.
is not heavy, and then a little disturbing.
I met her later .... but now I will not leave again. He
working hours a bit absurd, always the night after 19, but at least it saves me .... or perhaps, to be really honest, I am sending less.
E ' very Italian, and then we have no problems in talking ....
And yes, because last night, while the company did when I told her about his work .... we talked a lot.
And if one day take me to the neuro, he spoke with appliances .... ah, why, do not tell me you thought I had found a home helps with all these wonderful features ...
No, you misunderstood and I almost smile, I'm talking about a clothes dryer. One of the most important appliances for me ... even though I understood too late.
But now it's here with me, faithful companion of the housework .... and I'm never more. NO MORE '.


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