Monday, November 27, 2006

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COAT ON A puddle

Milan seemed to have rested his best coat on the puddle, just to let me pass without risking sporcarmi.Almeno for the first few minutes that I spent some lì.Se image of the city, they were certainly not the rosa.E the blue that you could see out of the station.

next to me in his cart and bags of roasted chestnuts that was enough to drag a few meters, up a staircase crowded subway, a reminder that we would have stayed there quite a bit.
The feeling might be similar to the one you rarely feel if a child, full and enveloping, exactly halfway between the excitement and endless tears.
I thought how strange it was that in the next minute I could cry or anything to keep smiling as I was doing when I was dropped from treno.Stesso number of possibilities, but I kept sorridere.Solo a faster, more distrattamente.Allora seemed to me that I could see too many corners, I could breathe in the smells, the fantasies that I could utter fare.Fuggii by launching into a crowd of people heading for the subway, right in front of the station.

I threw too fast I, like trying to keep up with a different rhythm, a life diversa.In reality then it bore the weight of all the "unknown", I had to do to admit it made me incredibly happy, as each channel of my body was put to attention. sentire.Allora To see and I liked it I think that Milan had already involved with his frenesia.A think today was just a Sunday night and people did nothing but go back home trying to draw away some of what was the rest day.

Waiting for the subway I noticed that the floor was white printed map, great, the whole measure of the città.Segmenti of different colors that are crossed and I will sopra.Ricordo was exactly at that moment I thought that I knew nothing, no name, no stop, no color reminds me, something familiar to the skin. It was incredibly, totally completely unknown.

paralyzing So I realized this while staring at the names and colors under my feet and I'm not suggesting anything.
I remember thinking at that moment I could go in any direction. And this would not have made any difference. No one.


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