Thursday, November 30, 2006

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"Well I'm sitting on a windowsill, blowing my horn, nobody's up except the moon and me ... and a lazy old tomcat on a Midnight spree, All That You Left Me Was a melody.Rosie, why do you evade? Rosie ... How can i convince? "
T. Waits

Just a
ricordo.Che that evening, a few days before my departure, I had the feeling that I saved for a rainy day in Milan.
made me think it was the heat that made the gas lamps of the restaurant where we were sitting. Now if I could paint that little would parentheses in red. These lamapade blazed and her cheeks warmed so much that we had to remove and replace the coat several times between a plate and another.

We had not seen for some time and every time I watched her smiling face that night I felt very clear that my absolutely stretched and bent in the same places. It was a little feeling of security smile without having to worry about it physically. I thought of the children at that time, that babies smile instinctively, without thinking that much, imitating the person who is smiling at that moment a few inches from his face.

From red light the lamps, the street toward the bus stop was tremendous diversity in temperature. Not feeling the soft skin felt from the beginning of the evening.
I remember that I walked just a little bit lost and I began to fear, somewhere in my body, everything to lose by one second to another. Luckily his voice, at some point, without wanting to let me. He said something about the moon, something that I did not understand that much, still lost behind the word "soft" I did not know decides is the right one or not to describe that feeling ...

Then, look up to heaven, imperceptibly lost his balance, leaning lightly on his shoulder, broken up, I found only my chin very close to the wool of his cappotto.A viso.Neanche few inches from the bus stop, greeting fast, I had time to reflect on what the dinner I was just wondering. How can I convince ? Few months earlier, how could I possibly convince him, how could I explain that ... What if ...
Fortuna I stopped between the "if" and the lightness that took precedence over any pensiero.E that was the only security I had at the fact momento.Tranne continue to wonder why if we keep our glasses distorted a little vedevo.Probabilmente everything was still too little time that I took them.

I had no doubt that the "softness" was an inappropriate word to describe what I felt to be wrapped up in under the covers, when I lay in my bed face down and turned off the light I put in my stanza.Non never on your stomach, but the warmth of the evening I had accumulated in the belly, that shook his chest and between his knees to avoid losing anything. All

salvato.Per the first rainy afternoon I faced here.


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