Friday, June 8, 2007

How Much Does An 80 Watt Fan Cost To Run?

If I had thought then that my father would not have turned more word for six months, I probably would have taken the same decision.

I finished preparing the boxes being careful not to put him closer a fraction of a second on each object wrapped. Any act required at least a few minutes and considering the amount of things that I brought with me, come to think now, that night really took me a long time to finish. For the duration had to be closed in the usual total cancellation of any feeling I have in my hands caused those little pieces of life.

So I avoided the flooding river of emotions which would in any case due to report soon.
never left me feeling that there should be someone with me. I do not know who exactly wanted to say even now beside me, and perhaps the confusion over time had become the clot against which my blood had come across, cutting off the flow vital, not allowing you to accompany my every gesture is an expression of the face.

At that moment I just had this. But I kept doing and doing and doing.
Wrap, throw, scegliere.Chiudere, unlock, lift.
When I finished I felt like the last day of vacation: a place where the night before you'd be still a handful of days you indefinite becomes unbearable, you want only to escape as soon as possible.

Anything that evening it seemed as if he had already taken the road of the past. All right in the middle and I just wanted to be as fast as possible on the other side.
So, a quick jump on the scooter and I was full of backpacks and bags and stuck with the duvet between my legs, swollen by the wind all the way up until my chin.
sembrai very funny and I began to sorridere.Feci some facet in the mirror.

Then I thought that was moving really, that I would never slept in that house. that was really a certainty.

again I felt that there would be someone with me. Perhaps I was simply guardare.Pensai fun and I wanted someone to laugh with me and me.

Then I rediscovered a smile and I knew that could not be just anyone.
We were too bulky, I and my duvet.


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