Sunday, March 18, 2007

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I thought, I was thinking, I'm afraid once again I think you left the house, as usual: there something wrong.

as simple as that you can not.

There is something wrong, I feel on the skin and in skin and stomach and stomach. Wonderfully
irrrazionale already know that feeling. A few years ago, in an indefinite time now because maybe it was intuition proved so many times, as many times was choked, that did not really matter then tie it to a special memory.

There's all. These are things that if you can, if you will not ever be erased from your body.
something wrong and it is strange to see it happen in a moment like this simple and everyday.

I told you to go to our coffee after dinner and now I'm watching you drink your sambuca.Con fly naturally and without much enthusiasm about your job, your house, the people you are close. I think you could talk like me.Temo is also true. I imagined you, among many mornings a week, aim to prepare the coffee in the kitchen of your home bellissima.Ti I figured not to notice how nice it is to leave the shutters open to find the room flooded first rays of morning. I thought to mount on the scooter and do not enjoy that second pause at the traffic lights before launching into confusion. I imagined the look on while slipping with your books and your pictures with a glass of wine without thinking of something in particular, paying the slightest attention to the sensation of the tongue on the glass of thin glass.

Then I thought, sitting on a step, smile and do not take care of a girl in front of you. Try not to think of a look and a "yes" from the others.

I think there is something wrong.
Arrancar with his arms stretched out to someone, clutching his fists to not let it slip away something important.

call, hold and finally open his hands.
Here, all this for you. Seeing
divantare transparent, lightweight, thin all the sensations that had believed important because no one is watching with you, like you, with altrattanta passion.

be alone with the feeling of having missed the word adatta.Perdere qualcosa.Perduto not necessarily imply having a. Continue to fix
startled the palms of my hands I dreamed? See nothing, I hold nothing.

I want you.
I want you.
I want you.

Forgive me, but it is not true.


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