Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Painful Gall Stones Kidney


're back from a few days.
The cigarette smoke always the same.
Buffo. It seems that you've been away so much time and yet it is a matter of hours, if we want to see it in the simplest way.

know the drill: jump feel even the balance of my voice when we're together. If I
I really dare ask if there is still something that does not change for me when I find myself in front of you.

Do not ask me why I fear it is better that way.
I did not really hungry, but you should still continue to read the menu also funny that way all night if I could.

In fact if I could at this time would tend to limit possible until a second before it would break and that would change.

So it always happens: you get closer, until you feel clear, then that's it.

Continue leggere.Che I want you.
They are not even sure that these feelings are real.
the same in the end, all the time.

If you close all, close too. When he gets the cold cold water, always without warning after a moment where I felt one step away from you, I could not continue to have incredibilemnte want you without feeling alone.

Yet now I still look at you and it seems impossible that you short freeze me and everything.
every time I can not believe it, even though I know it will happen.

vanish and return, a reflux of emotions, continuous and timely so embarrassing.
Although unable to be stronger than your doubt, do not let go yet one parenthesis of time in which I may have wanted you. This

me I still hold on the skin.
things on the skin make the difference.


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