Monday, October 22, 2007

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REMEMBER Midsummer

This morning in Rome gets really cold.
No matter how many degrees. These are things you just have to believe. At eight o'clock in the morning

Trastevere is deserted. Now, what I wonder obsessively until they arrive at work: people really can not afford to leave home just because it's cold?
In the sense that I can not and therefore do not understand how other people can do it.

Which is what I also wonder on Monday evening when, always Trastevere is full of people.
Lu-ne-evening. The question is disarming: "But people do not make a fucking morning?".
No, because I do so ... reasoning as above. However
. The

Frost reminded me of a day spent with Clare in Ostia this summer while we were waiting to see materialize before our eyes "The Holiday" (entity astratta.eravamo too disheartened by now).

Here the faithful reportage.

any one day in July.
not in any place: Ostia, Capocotta, between Gates and Torvaianica.

squatting on my towel, I look at Clare, from my perspective horizontally, reading "Alternative to Socialism". I accept as a dogma of faith. She is beautiful and confident, as only she can be close to 58 degrees and, of course, disturbing that attempts to involve us in various and differentiated activities.

In the space of my mind reserved for the mental masturbation I get up, walk to the nearby, showing off an ambiguous smile, I put out a hedgehog dala face (a gesture that will surely distract him), then at least. Inexorably.

In the space of my mind reserved for the accurate perception of reality, I turned to Clare and beg with his eyes: stop reading, take a bath, kill your neighbor.

She looks at me "... new image of youth left."
I look catatonic.
"What the fuck Egle.Ci too live in this country .. it is still your country!"
(I'm sure at this point he turned around and smiles).

I go for ET that always works.
speak over and over again the word Pa-and-brown dell'esserino if the little voice that he wanted to call home.
sold. He smiles. It takes a bath. In four seconds, raises in three runs to the sea. In two of blasphemy because the sand blows, one turns to see where they are, but I do not see.
that I'm on my knees laughing hoarsely.

Radiant tells me to follow her. "I must show you a wonderful place."
Yeah. Ostia. I think,
- went crazy because of the 58 degrees and pointed the Sardinia. The reach by swimming.
- has become an amphibian and wants me to explore the incomparable beauty of the deep capocottiani.
- said this phrase thinking to someone else in some other situation.

But he is right, as always. I think this is the first to overcome the barrier of algae, the only one who came up to the mark. What is known: 500 meters from the shore the water is Ostia PU-LI-TA. I follow swimming struggling a little, wrinkled nose, high forehead.
"See you happy as a fetus that wallows in mummy's tummy."
In these moments I want really good.

Actually I'm happy. Even if a ship behind us is catching fire and our neighbor has followed.

In any case, we feel we can do it.


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