Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Would Flea Fogger Kill Lice

Fire and flames in Maputo!

few weeks ago, the suffocating reality of contradiction hanging by a thread in which I move is revealed in its most hideous dress: urban violence.
Behind the faces of sincere astonishment and rage choked citizens of Maputo on the brink of disaster gathered in the streets to protest against the increase of public transport, chapa, creaky private vans, the main means of long distance transportation.
tires burned, barred roads, phrases shouted, lynchings, shootings, deaths and injuries. The people no aguenta , can not do it and explodes in the face of a government full of good words and undecided whether to respond to the people or carriers. Meanwhile, the police fired, arrested and beaten with what ever method of summary justice of the visitors there. No matter if you have really done something wrong, the protest is never welcome anywhere, and as always the answer to violence is always and only an even greater violence. To terrorize, to soothe the soul, as quickly as possible to plug the hole opened in the eyes of those who helplessly for a new episode of injustice and abject poverty.
Because it is survival and a minimum wage too close to zero to allow people to cope with a shipping price doubled overnight. Here among the poor is not indifferent to the penny falls from our purse to distraction.
The protest continued for days, the school Armando Guebuza (current president of the country) is attacked as a sign of refusal to the government, who will lose are the children who study there. Growing robberies. The machines are made with stones in the street. No one leaves. People are being beaten. Parents are afraid for their children they must go back to school. The streets are quiet, the night falls during the day.
The night is the fear that a second outbreak Nairobi, Kinshasa, Kigali, Freetown, Luanda, Bujumbura ...
The night is sure to be immune ...
The night is the victory of the violence on itself.


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