Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Causes Gaggin In Morning

Goodbye (reflections of an old travel)

jumping from one thought to another.

Follow the sad melody of a voice that fades with time.

The fear of not arriving until tomorrow, the fear of death that is gripping the limbs,

death that touches us only in that in that exact space separates you and me,

the death of the heart, the spirit

death and resurrection for ever and ever.

God, you send a messenger, which brings with it

of embroidered fabrics for a story, a story that starts elsewhere, a memory that can not be forgotten.

Loose limbs in the sea,

an entire ocean to separate myself from what I hold in my heart,

the distance to return to a time where the warriors danced on earth,

sustained by his blood, divine beings flew away like an arrow in the sky ....

arch our hands are stained with the blood to paint a smile and wash our hands, so that's all


back to you and I wait,

perhaps on a beach will be a meeting, perhaps in a cave,

already in the dream and thought ... every day and every night.

I wait for you to come and join me for the souls in a single breath, to relive the past in our bodies.

Your magic touch on the skin

your hair wind and sun on your back

A whisper

A caress

A moment of our lives.

back to you as naked as the child sacred.

come back full of words and gestures,

under your breasts to grow stronger as the wind and quick as lightning.

And when you feed them, I have grown with my breasts,

bread for your mouth,

My legs your streets

My uterus your secrets

My mouth your memory.

will rest inside a flower at the sound of the caves,

singing of the earth.

Urla Urla this land

your skin moist for a kiss ...

Your squares packed with crowds,

local bar full of light and voices,

while I wait for my coffee and talk about something that I've ever seen.

A twinge you feel when ... but I must leave, take it or leave


And I always leave for another try and again and again, until the wheel turns and runs toward the bottom of the cart.

Who leaves the old road to the new ... will have his reasons.

know what ... let into the houses of his city, into the hearts of lovers and mothers.

not know what that is ... to me it's okay.


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