Sunday, April 13, 2008

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mail became a post ... for the sake of writing and communication

Hello to all and all ... hopefully this is not a group email Forward sottotilata but it is a sincere greeting that I send you from the land of mayhem (as before Amado said, referring to Brazil and as I say I am referring to what is perhaps more than the mayhem or is the extreme limit of the world forgot: Africa-Mozambique).

Since I live here it seems to me that this country has filled my days so as not to realize that during these seven months my innermost subcutaneous part has undergone a profound transformation ... very similar to what I would call almost fearful existential leap . So, this country ... ... Mozambique has ceased to be one of the many ghost of the globe were " cheddiosolosadovediavoloè " but has made a living character in my life experience so much that new person before my very eyes clouded by a flight of Occidentalism.

Why do you write? Maybe some of you are months or years and can not feel them even more than I see them ... but equally I want to share a quick thought about this last experience in Africa.

few days ago I returned from a trip to a distant place in the center of Mozambique, called Caia. A small provincial town crossed by the enormous Zambezi River, which for its strange appearance, covers the territory a thousand rivulets winding its inhabitants into his arms silver. A wonderful ... I can swear.

The work has led me on these devices lands of sub outskirts of the modern world. The school twinning project, for which you work, provided for a two week trip with a group of Bologna and the Mozambican capital (Maputo for the uninitiated) to an elementary school zona.Il planned program was made and passed: a wonderful mural with colored drawings of children and is about the school wall, a beautiful theater made by children in language Sena, rugby! (Think of African children playing rugby ... hilarious!) And hypnotic dances, such as plastic pipes and drums, and older women stamped their feet in the ground ancestral awakening energy, laughter, misunderstandings, and pellebianca pellenera, mosquitoes, malaria, moist, silence, endless skies, imbondeiros (baobab) 1000 years old, fishing, a myriad of impressions of little feet on clay and children and babies and children ...

For those who have never been to Africa, you will never account what I mean when I say CHILDREN. Africa is full of human beings from 0 to 13 years! are many wonderful ... and of course like all children. Only those who Caia now have something special, as are the red ones left by the Little Prince on the planet. There were so many roses as the Little Prince ... yet she knew that this was special ... just for the time that he had spent ...

My children opened something inside of me the sight of the human panorama! The Poverty running in those places and filling the bellies of children, the one that breaks down to the last wire-shirts that inevitably discover, rather than cover, the dark little bodies, one that makes walking miles to a tank of water. It 'a poverty that makes you get high and moves you to be absolutely just another spectator of something that you had already told but which had not yet seen the faces with your eyes. And now I understand, to distance in time, when Alex Zanotelli said in an interview "that you should never remove the faces!

Dear friends, I pursue it for many years in Africa, I have searched everywhere even when he was away, I tasted some imagine, glimpsed and loved, but now that I have reached I understand the reason for such intense hunger. This week THE EDGE OF THE WORLD I have filled my heart, I was spoiled, I have fed and rocked the night when the moon rose yellow gold on the blue mantle. I was awakened at dawn with the cry of some beast ready to die, I have soaked the clothes of a smell, I have dirty feet and hands constantly, and I got slapped so hard that his head still suits me fine.

In Mozambique AFRICA would say that the NAO is brincadeira (no joke) ... and that it is not! ... But we have not even joking. Even If the poor smile and have fun, then it does not mean that things are not so bad ... NO!

The people in this world is evil dear my dear friends, most people in this world of hell will never have the chance to have a tenth of what your parents did at our age ( you have any age) ... even if you have already said, I know , I must repeat ... and is not a chant, nor a moral or lesson of life, not a "think of the children of Biafra" (imaginary place of our childhood European Union), is not history or politics, not blame, is not recommended. It is not "nothing" ... just a strong emotion that exploded in my heart and I wanted to share with you.


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