Thursday, May 22, 2008

Can I Crush My Can Of Diced Tomatoes

Mozambicans A fire!

Here is the story that fills the ears and eyes of all Mozambicans in these days:

Five Mozambicans flee promptly from South Africa.
25 deaths.
lynching. (Nigerians seem strangely unable to escape from the new wave of xenophobic).
are beaten men, women and even children arrive at the border Ressano Garcia injured and terrified, their lives are now like ghosts in the shadow of violence.
"We steal their jobs. We are hurt because of them! If you must go." In South Africa these days
breathe deeply of the heavy air of ethnic hatred, which reeks of hunger and poverty.
will be looked for foreigners, immigrants (a category that includes those who leave their country
Poor to look for work elsewhere, usually by agreeing to perform the same functions that the citizens of the receiving country does not want to do. They fill the coffers of the tax foreign country and send money to their homeland.'m billion on the planet).
Obviously in a country like South Africa, the only car driving the economy of Southern Africa, After the plunge into the abyss of no return of Zimbabwe immigrants abound, and have mostly Mozambican nationality.
The neighboring country has offered asylum to members of the ANC during apartheid, which is fattening and expand visibly every weekend border cities such as Nelspruit. The country that hosts the Great Baba Mandela who, in addition to prefer Mozambique for his rheumatism worse drive South African winter, he also married a Mozambican, and not some (Josina Machel, wife of the first president of independence, killed in an attack, and a symbol for the value and strength of the Mozambican Women's Mozambique and Africa in general). A beautiful couple.
The country that sent cheap labor for centuries, thanks to which South Africa, apartheid or not, has the largest mining industry in Africa.

But I will not dwell on the history and politics, which naturally gorge themselves on large pig who is about to be cooked to poison the masses.
I would draw your attention to the fact that it appears that once again we had deluded. A
'other sheep ran away from the herd without notice! Another revolt, more anger, more hatred and fire. More screams in the air that terrorize our ears that would not know anything right these bad stories of other countries.
But who would have thought? But what will now
Mozambique all these people fleeing their homes, jobs, money and family often? Will be in Maputo? Violence and crime will increase ...
will be another Zimbabwe?
And if they start to take it with white people?
But who is behind it all?
And because the police does not intervene?

I do not know that there are faces behind this new African history. Probably there is the will to destabilize the government, the involvement of organized crime, the elections are approaching, in the end we talk about people of Soweto, the poor wretches who kill each other ...
But one thing is for sure! A certainty that I began to inflate the stomach ... I see it, is the ...
I see his hand putting fire to the living people, I see it beating the kids, I see her old friend to point the finger at immigrants who will be lynched.
is the hand of the suffering and poverty. It is the hand of the unjust world in which we live.
and anger that millions of people try to wake up in the morning to those who have and will have more and more of them.
E 'Injustice.
E 'hate.
E 'Violence of the poor on the poor.
And there's no escape as long as things continue to go this way.

Tonight, as I write these words, I wonder of my thoughts ... this does not surprise me that much.


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