Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boggy Loggy Tree Climber


First give me a fuoritema: Welcome to the world little ANTONIO !!!!!!

Well, then let's start ... presents!! But do we really want to talk?? We are a large family ... I have 3 brothers and 1 sister, my husband, a brother and a sister, plus the grandparents and some friends and boyfriend a variety of gifts ... time is a tragedy. So, considering that we only ordered the godfathers / godmothers for various gifts, multiplied by 3 children, plus all the disobedient again .... I have a house full, to the delight of children. The gift
more shocking, in a good way, was CICCIO BUA BEAUTIFUL ... has anyone ever had a close relationship with that doll?? I
unfortunately. Beautiful, well made, realistic ..... too! When I hear him run screaming in search of little Sam to figure out what happened to him and found that, luckily, 9 times out of 10 is the pambolotto screaming.
is how it works ... when you turn him screaming, and you have 5 seconds to silence by putting a pacifier in his mouth ... if you're sadistic like my daughter let him cry and so, the poor man fell ill and his cheeks are all red. If you put the pacifier closes his eyes and pants, otherwise you have to treat. (My daughter lets him cry until sfininimento "let cry that is good for the lungs ".... I say!)
The first time you turn it on when you get sick by giving him the vitamins, milk and honey, and syrup (made in 3 different bottles) and then undress him and give him a shot. When you puncture the poor even more screaming, but then calms down, smiles and heals ....
when it is healed, if you put the pacifier starts to snore quiet and peaceful, when you take away the pacifier and start screaming ... again.
The result? Mile goes around the house with a stethoscope in his ears, the baby cries in her arms (and mom, there are many people in the queue must have patience and wait), with the thermometer toy that is included in the package trying to get into all the ears that is! But I'm already
doll stand it anymore and I feel cruel, because how can you hate a beautiful baby with blond bob, blue eyes and a blue jumpsuit with a tender bunny drawn ?????


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