Thursday, December 23, 2010

How Long Does It Take For Colyte To Work


No controversy today, even though he teases me that I would have some ...
Today is the eve! Waiting for Christmas .... and also the visit of Santa Claus should be all better, and so I will be myself.
I hope everyone is to stop reading these words of mine of clear days.
not ever wish happiness, because happiness is always too little. Just a gesture or phrase wrong to get rid of the smile, and so I wish you a peaceful day, free from all bad thoughts and to spend with your loved ones.
A lot of people around who wish to fully enjoy these moments
Who, however, is only hope of living with memories and not feel abandoned
hope to the sick days when the pain is covered with joy, colors and by happiness that these parties spread everywhere.
And those who, like me, is lucky enough to be comfortable and not just hope to be able to smile at everyone he meets on the street ... maybe because the recipient I really need that smile. I hope not to forget that there who is really worse, and then to act accordingly, without unnecessary waste of money, free without controversy, especially discovering the true meaning of Christmas, maybe passing in front of a church and then a sign of Cross, or perhaps, and it would be fantastic, just enter it in that church and light a candle in front of the baby Jesus
spend these days, however, do so in a sincere, pure and honest.
Merry Christmas to all .... really.


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