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security in schools ... WHITE

Mile harbor the morning kindergarten. It 'the same building that housed the asylum (because it was then called) when more or less 28 years ago I attended it. It 'been renovated and modernized.
It 's very beautiful, colorful, warm, friendly .... but not sure. Or maybe not enough effecienti and about the teachers and janitors who work there??
is not large, only two sections, the A's where my daughter, two teachers and 28 children, and B with four teachers and 22 children (2 children, unfortunately, need the support). And 'there are two janitors (one in the morning and one afternoon) that the desk in front of the main gate. The door, in the Central time (ie not in the entry / exit) you can only open from the inside (for security) and not from outside.
Well ... I do not think it is unmanageable .... or maybe wrong? Until yesterday
Mile wore to school and I was quiet, really. The teachers are always available, there are internal problems (like almost everywhere) but do not pose a danger, however, the wellbeing of the children .....
That is, until yesterday, though. Why
yesterday, a child, a baby yellow among other things, those little ones of the first year, then only 3 years, has left the school and no one, and I repeat and emphasize, if anyone has noticed. It 's true, I was told by a mother and then the information will not be the most accurate, but in the meantime because it really happened. He was a child of B. .. what actually is right in front of the entrance.
probably came out of lunch hour, when the teachers accompanying the children to the bathroom to wash their hands and gagging. He came out, and headed toward his house .... even at home we have just arrived. He began to knock on the door, but at that time there was no one, but luckily it was seen by a neighbor. His house is not far away from kindergarten, but to get there you must cross a road. Thank God, there's nothing happened.
then went back to school ... but I've got this incomplete in the sense that I do not know how it is returned, if accompanied by a neighbor, or if the teachers found that in the meantime had noticed the incident.
E 'was named the mayor, the director (the school belongs a circle), but then everything has been laid to rest.
Ok ... Mile is a girl who once ran away from my parents' house ... how far can I be quiet?? Considering that go to the bathroom alone and therefore are free to do what they want in reality ....
And if we want to be picky .. just Enri next year will be in that section. He is half mad, in that it is very lively and is half an earthquake ....
can not live with this anxiety on him, but for now, I can not even think, for various reasons, to change school .... though I doubt, however, in another school would be more peaceful.


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