Monday, December 20, 2010

A Lost My Remote Control For My Robosapien


H. .. H as a hospital.
now, that of Ivrea is ... the very same country that hosts this crazy carnival where people pull on the oranges, I know as my pockets ... especially the department of pediatrics.
In these regions there have been many times, too.
went there Thursday, Friday we are back challenging ice and snow, along the few miles to rallentantore 1h30m and using instead of the classic 20 '. Yesterday morning "social outing" with the whole family, and tomorrow afternoon .... Well tomorrow afternoon we return. I apologize to
Maris if I have not thanked you for that award he shared with me ... and my dear friend if you read these words of mine will also do a lot of luck for the upcoming birth. Antonio I look like a family .....
What has happened ... we really do not know, I have not yet understood, but now I'll explain what happened. Concerns
Sam and his dermatitis. (Rebby, thanks for your advice, I do not know how to thank you privately, but I followed what you told me and things are slowly improving. Thank you very much)
No one has ever taken seriously my complaint about the dermatitis Sam ... I was exaggerating! Nothing mattered more if you do not sleep at night because the baby was crying from discomfort, or if he was 24 h 24 with the scratched because otherwise gloves ...
last Wednesday should have the vaccine ... I undressed and when the pdf has seen it has really alarmed. He was not vaccinated and immediately phoned the hospital booking a visit urgent with a doctor already for the next day. He did not say anything else ... I said he wanted another opinion. Then Thursday, tranquility and serenity, she brought the child to the hospital and them .... hell broke loose. It seems that they wanted to admit. It seems that when the dermatitis is wet as it's in his little arms and back of the neck, the lost proteins and this can then cause problems. In the face, legs and feet is rather dry.
I complain, I complain that I was never taken seriously and can not tell me first "is nothing" and instead want to even admit. We arrive at the compromise ... I do see how you do me the medication and I do alone at home. And if before I was told not to cortisone administered to the baby, now it seems Sam is composed of 80% for this substance has become an integral part of him. Antibiotic for one week, bentelan for 3 days, plus cortisone cream for .... do not know, I am still using.
E 'on Thursday that the child is totally bandaged. Around the feet, wrists, elbow and around his neck.
's terrible to see him so, but it is even more terrible that no one had believed and taken seriously.
Anyway ... ah, here's the funniest thing of all this history, I have yet to tell. Rebby, in a comment to my post in which I spoke just a few days ago dermatitis Sam, I had put a link that opened my world. And this thank you very much. I ordered a complete cure, and Saturdays I'm using. The funny thing, I said, is that the hospital doctor who is following Sam these days, I advised the same care, giving me the instructions that led to the same site by consigliatami Rabby. It is not unreasonable? Absurd solutions to treatment and a person should go there alone, and that physicians rely on the same media that uses a normal person. But they should not have the resources in the most??
Now Sam has improved, I care only take away from this cortisone off and see if all this is my effort to something. When Sam sees that we approach the baby screaming like crazy. E 'tired and he's right because ... it takes me 20 minutes to undress, put the cream, then the second, then third, then blindfolded and then to finish. He is tired ... and I too!
As soon as your skin heals a little bit we will begin an investigation to understand what it is that causes dermatitis ... but I have only been 11 months since I came to him ... wait a little longer. I was a bit controversial .... but I am really very very angry.


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