Thursday, December 9, 2010

Can I Cruise With A Broken Limb

The right choice .... what is the right choice ?????
I waited so long this time, and now ... I can not choose. I better solution ... I got it, with my husband, but my thoughts are filled with "... and if you ...."
Finally I found it. The house just mean ..... or at least I hope it is, the right one. Today is
deadline to give the owner of our response.
We waited 15 days to evaluate also other home, having only yesterday, and then ... it is not fair to expect that the owner may also have found other sellers, and it is unfair for us not to go ahead with this dripping.
The choice is however not been easy because this will change our lives, but especially that of our children.
The school, friendships, the outputs (yes sure, a few years), the future of our children all depends on what you choose us, their parents,
And last night we chose. However
changed country of residence. We will approach a dozen miles to work my husband every day, you eat there and back 60 km. Little change for me, so I always make forward / back with the grandparents' house.
The first choice was a small but very pretty, with kindergarten / elementary school / middle and even three types of schools. The train station, a thousand buses that take you everywhere, lots of shops, and beautiful courses where you can walk and enjoy an ice cream. An apartment that costs very little (ok they are not candy, but ....) that, given our cash availability will allow us to make a small loan, and to live peacefully end of each month, and the chance to go quietly on vacation every summer, even though by January I halved my salary is. An apartment that does not require any type of work, finished well, with a shower that is a fable, and a second bathroom that made me fall in love immediately. 3 bedrooms that we would solve a lot of problems and a basement that eventually we could use. Except that I have to accompany children to school / grandparents can safely go to the office on foot.
All this with its own pros and cons.
The second choice was in the country where I grew up and where her grandparents live. A portion of bifamialere, with a big yard for the kids to run, 3 bedrooms, but with a room too small for us to keep our furniture, a tiny kitchen that would not allow us to eat more than 5 persons (that is practically the only ones), with all the wiring to be redone, to change the tiles, plus a difference in loss of € 40,000 from the previous apartment.
The village is nice, but it is a country where there is absolutely nothing except the kindergarten and primary school. But it still has the security to be small, where I know everyone, where I have no problem to leave the kids out by themselves because there are really no dangers. But the cost
.... hell, there are many many many money.
So the choice came from .... if you go in the small town in a flat (great for charity but an apartment), with the promise that, given the cost of "decent" if we find an opportunity they could change again .....
Hoping to be the right choice, especially for children.


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