Thursday, December 9, 2010

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My little Sam (cabbage in a little over a month already shut down its first candle) is suffering from atopic dermatitis.
I know, nothing serious, some are worse and blah blah blah the usual stuff, however ....
also because I already knew this disorder Mile, until the age of 3 years has suffered mooooooooooolto albeit slight, and especially in perennial regression.
Sam .... I made a rather incredible pain. He suffers a lot. It is full in the face, inside elbows, wrists, around the neck and where he really made worse, behind the knees and legs.
In these 10 months and a half, but especially in these last 4 during which drastically worse I've tried everything.
discharged, after several tests, which should not be an issue of food allergies (I tried them all, add zucchini, remove zucchini, add potato, potato .... tried to remove most fiendish combos, I made him "suffer" the hunger, tried 5 different types of milk .... a short list of things that would have a separate post), I resigned and I have tried creams / balms / shampoo / drops / antihistamines ...
Every solution I found was either carried by common sense, instinct, or recommended by pediatrician / homeopath / replacement pediatrician / and finally "just" a nurse.
Assuming that the solution faster and more efficient would be the cortisone, but stressing that I will not fill it and stuff it here for this substance from the next (at least) 2 years making it go dermatitis, but causing perhaps diabetes or problems with the growth bones have acted in this way.
I first tried an antihistamine (pediatrician), but apart from the fact that the digests, after two days has not improved at all and continued to have seizures itchy hallucinating and needed just three pairs of socks and gloves to prevent scratches, and then I stopped.
Then I switched to a natural antihistamine (homeopathic) ... that is, initially worked calmed down a little but then the itch ..... about ..... aside too.
had since continuously and repeatedly smeared with greasy creams. I almost opened a loan because these creams blessed ... that can not even be discharged into tax returns, including cost around 25 €, and nothing if they do not hold your skin a bit softer to avoid it drying out.
Then, every night, although discouraged by all those who suffer because of dermatitis must stay away from the water and wash as little as possible, my husband and I (in 2 of course, because it still had to hold his hands / feet because you do not crumbs) the did, the whole body wraps and warm water and starch. Well .... finally have having regard to the first improvements ... the redness has decreased by at least 60%, but as the water dries your skin after the packs had to cover it all ... and the fat tubes of cream that we consumed now reached a 2-digit number.
20 minutes to prepare for sleep, including wraps and creams, creams and compresses.
Tuesday evening at dinner by a colleague of my husband, a "simple nurse" I advised the oil .... oil vea vea? I have two tubes at home, may have I ever spoken? But are you sure .... just oil vea?? "Certainly, when I worked in the department of atopic dermatitis we were using it to soothe the itch "....
Well, I opened up a world.
Sam has changed in appearance. The skin is soft, a beautiful pink and not dry and dull.
He still, of course, fits of itching, but very few, no longer needs to be with their gloves all day because you can hardly scratch and can now more easily to touch and handle his toys ....
E 'quieter, more "beautiful", and I am finally a little more relieved!


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