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Catherine Brown.

I found this. Which is a small masterpiece of our friend Aldo.

Catherine and I met in 1985.

Eh, I was sitting in the bleachers of the gym at the high school when Cairoli for the first time I realized how beautiful it was that one of the first D did not exercise, and breathing near me.

Eh, I realized that was a smell of flowers that seemed all seen together, as some large fields of daisies that there are close to the financiers of Clive.
Eh, I needed to talk to the source the feeling of grass that made me feel a bit 'stupid and as tilted completely towards her.

I told her so suddenly a blunder on Saba Saba and she replied that his wife saw a chicken.
I replied "No, a goat from the Semitic nose" (it was not true, Saba looked like his wife to various farm animals including goats except Semite, who was in another poem.) So we continued to talk to Saba.

Well, as I spoke I felt like a plane, like a drunk pilot of plane that looks down the houses and the city but do not look ahead because otherwise it dazzles and crashes into the sun.
Well, Catherine's face seemed like a sun with mascara, it was as if I had drunk coffee thirty, my veins were filled with fresh disbanded trains met. They were children.

Well, after two days I saw her and I talked and I realized that I was talking continuously for two days.
Eh, I was glad of the things I had always felt normal, which I had never noticed.
I was happy that Catherine had the legs for example.
ever I saw people who had the legs, for nineteen years when I was there, now I was so happy that I walked by tapping the shop windows glad to hear the glass and I like traffic lights, as if they had become completely magical.

Eh, once wrote to me with a red marker on its number of Phone on the agenda.
was the largest number that I had, occupied two pages in October.
was even the red and overflowing from the paper.
After fifteen days I called to hear something about the Doors with her.
we have heard.
Then we went to eat pizza at a place absurd Viggiù nine.

Eh, I thought the evening to his hair made of sun, it seemed trivial to compare the hair of a woman in the sun, then I decided to pull the hair of Catherine the bus that connects Viggiù in Varese, but has nothing to do, and thus always comparing I fell asleep, and breathing while I slept a lot, I was asleep but I was well aware breathing anything that was breathing and not only permeated the shadows of the people I had seen pass, I breathed the shops open at half past two in the afternoon and those who keep it closed until sixteen, I breathed the trains that move across the world Saturday.

The next day I went to school and I seemed to see Catherine's everywhere, everyone was turning in her and I felt like calling it.
Then I realized that he was a gardener who did not know (To give an example. Sometimes it was the driver of the bus Viggiù) ...

Well, every time I saw it was not cold at all Varese.
Every time I saw it was an exaggeration of things everywhere, it seemed that he was born another planet there, among the desks of my class, and it was born from another, as in a game of Chinese boxes, so I kissed her and

When Catherine and I have bought a lot of sliced \u200b\u200bham in a large store on Corso Matteotti called "Vallanzasca" a pound of ham.
We discarded and eaten with your hands. As the pigs that they are hungry, we ate, we walked up and down the course ...
Oh, we laughed fortissimo.
past, a child pointed us to the mother.
He pointed the finger at us and said, "Mom looks at drugged ...

That evening, I remembered that as a child I watched a documentary on drugs. Some people sitting around a campfire dilated, became very large, they became old, constantly changing.
After that I decided that I'd always been drugged, and the drug was no more than my ability to see everything in every possible aspect, lying in wait for things and I could become something else, constantly became more and wanted.
Catherine was a drug that was wearing Indian clothes.

Catherine, also, you put a lot of pink lipstick and I like to hear everywhere, tasted good, so that one evening when I was in a coma surface was admitted to the hospital in Varese, it occurred to me to get up because I felt the smell of lipstick good I no longer wanted to be dead, I happened to two in the morning.

Then it was time that I lived in Viggiù, in a house which never opened the windows.
I liked that it was always night.
One day Cathy came with a disc of an American by the name full of consonants.
had a dress designed by Indian blue mountains and the sun transparent. He put the disk in that group and danced, the darkness did not make sense, she had to take home the sun, we opened the windows and the sun poured in a spoonful at dense, is poured with a fury I had never thought in my life, I looked like a child who falls from the chute fast with eyes closed in my room, there was a multitude of beams infants.

often bought the whiteness, which was a type of Ciocorì but white. It
store housing with forty packs because you won an electronic keyboard as small as a card of Sip.
When two people love each other always buys the whiteness.
We went to eat under the statue of the Old Market Square.
Always at night. Of very large pieces broke off and then we ate together until our lips met.

So we continued.

Eh, not all have lived in Port Lugano in 1987.
I lived behind the station, a little 'to the right of a gas station there before the road that leads there.

I was a guest of my friend son of a doctor who had a house with a room full of classical music records.
Under the room was a table tennis old and never drive a car that I did not know.
I was often locked in the room full of hard to hear the passing cars outside, and the voices of people crossing the tracks to exit the station. Each entry

vibrated like a flame was extinguished and slamming against the kitchen when I went to eat. Those voices

arabesque around the banner of the gas station, I saw a piece out the window every time I eat before I lean to watch the evening in Porto Maggiore. Each of those

remained in the interweaving voices that just seemed to be completely confused with the other coming back.

could be the tail of a greeting or the blasphemy of a bartender near the lake. Often, out of that house was snowing.
Although snow has never before as you are born. Before birth, all items are on the outskirts of one only. They are nothing of the confusion ends.

Ceresio I was born right there at just twenty years.
The same seemed exaggerated.
Eh, all continued to be different.
Example: times, at nine o'clock you get there to eat, then have ten, is different from nine.
More or less, of all the ten days are alike. But the days go away, like pieces of a necklace that breaks the ground end up everywhere, it was basically just a chain of ideas, which appeared after long days behind the radiator for example. And though, memory.

To change the order of things the people pulling him squirrels frozen, embracing a cause or goes to Santo Domingo to open a pizzeria.

In 1987 I had these problems with the days go.
to solve I tried to take the drugs with alcohol, and Ludiomil Prazene in beer and Valium, or Rohypnol also with wine but it was worse for a while 'the hours seemed a bunch of pins falling to bulk down the stairwell, I did not understand that relationship was, the universe took a whole week of vacation.
But in the evening, I went out to take the michette and I was not able to take my wallet, I could not pay, not paying, did not go out to take the michette, postponed until next day and the day after that, the day was done two-day combined, the next four and so even in the exponential sequence.
I also had a headache and I was sleepy.

This desperation begins as children, they tell you that after you see everything, but before he comes after you are married for fifteen years with children and have not understood anything, if you want to get out there no one will return the money of the ticket's life must continue to be there. The train the
10726 February 9, 1987 came to Varese to 18:05 on the track 3.
After I made the ticket I went with Catherine to buy cigarettes.
are about ten minutes at the start and so I was annoyed to queue.
front of me was a gentleman in his sixties, a bizarre type that occasionally can be seen passing through Viale Borri, who wanted to buy a box of "spadatrappe.
"Spadatrappa" in the dialect of the South do not know what it means patch (almost as in French).

a child filled me with patches because even if I had not had anything nice, I was spoiled for me by my mum imaginary wounds.

Eh, it was like a wound or a river that flows from the air suddenly what I am overwhelmed due to the fact that Catherine was with me to queue to buy the Marlboro long.

Sometimes I dreamed of sleeping in his bones, I imagined to be a boat that travels in your blood, which goes into his heart. When

us to take the cigarettes taken. A package of MS and a packet of Marlboro long.

There was a silence to say that every joint space to separate words was a way to express love. I wanted it, that silence came to separate the words so that each space would express love, simply

E 'that everyone was talking about but not heard them talk, and there was the sound of a freight train at the bottom front of the Home of the psychoanalyst.

was that everything was Catherine, and the continents were jumping off the clock signal over the second-class waiting room, ticked around there like nightmares, was six and soon the train would arrive.

I wanted to be a supposed to Catherine, Catherine wanted to be the clothes, I wanted to be the necklace with the pendant of the peace of Catherine, I wanted to be the backbone of Catherine, I did not want to take the train.
"Catherine told her-and-true that you'll never die?" The
spoke, but it was not true. I was wandering in her eyes and it was windy.
"Something we always existed-whispered-and will exist forever." We kissed, Catherine and myself.

Then it happened that thing. A bite of light years slipped around that evening, in a deep bite white, deeply understood to be born black, I was born. Swimming in the eyes of Catherine. I saw the Po Valley and Mount Everest and football matches and battles of the ancient galleys. Dinosaurs and the pies of Mrs. Collura. I saw the rhododendrons be moved by the wind like a scarf that covers me hot, everything was made of water, I swam in the eyes of Catherine as an Olympic champion, as an unknown god, like a frog, I saw the world that was growing inside me. It was nothing of the confusion ends.


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