Monday, March 14, 2011

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Friday I wanted to write a post in the series "abolish the week-and, for lack of time but then I did.
Well, now that the weekend has gone I'm glad he had not because it was moooooooolto best of my expectations. Despite Sam
with bronchitis, despite maritozzi has worked to 17.00, Saturday went really well.
Besides the alarm given to me by the children at 07.15 .... Sbat which is truly 'national tragedy for me to wake up so early, the rest of the day went really well.
I had not realized how much the kids had grown, and then how easy it was to organize the day with them.
The morning I took a shower, I prepared a decent meal, and we also managed to make the pan-brioche. E 'was fun, really, even if in the end it was a crap inmangiabile follow ... and follow the other one I have the wrong dose of salt, put in the hands of a Enri chicchiaio soup instead of a teaspoon. But there
saimo fun, we made small loaves of bread and every minute we were there, turn the oven light to see how they were baking.
I taught him how to play bingo and came in a moment ago.
lunch yesterday from my mom, and when we returned home she came to tovarci a dear friend who is having a very difficult period.
I'm glad he thought of us, and I was happy to hear say "I wanted to go to C. (his girl of six years) and a sunny afternoon so I decided to take her to play with your kids" .. I was really pleased!
They stopped for dinner, we made a paste on the fly and it was a pleasant Sunday.
This time, the petition "abolish the weekend and" has been postponed! 08/05/2009


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