Thursday, March 3, 2011

Monroe Piercing Blister

Hello I remember me, I remember him and I would disappear hello I am always hungry now. It still lacks a bit '. Ugly people that turn nice people.
to explain how certain things are ruined things become very large compared to the similarities regarding the bottighie of the neck. All I ask because if you have that form as if made to slam on the nose. It seems a mistake, but it's foam. They do it for the foam. When the tea is poured into a bottle with narrow neck makes too much foam.
When all else fails watch an episode of Skins, which they certainly must be worse. We
we never loved each other, we never seemed to knife and fork.
There is a video of Amon Tobin at the beginning where you talk on the phone and special eye.
never takes someone good, oh, if you're not with someone because you do not like enough, there is little to turn around. Or because someone else will like it, or do you like more. At the end of the video is a white flower and then the credits. I would be the end credits because I can no longer be the flower. But at least she smiles.
I have a notebook where I do not write anything.
When you arrive ... I do not feel anything.
When I speak, I hear nothing.
When I listen to music, do not feel anything.
When I cry, I do not feel anything.


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