Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oster Blender Model 542d


Perhaps many of you reading this post will be surprised. But bad is what I am. Me
are heard repeated so many times ... and if someone tells you, then two, then five, then perhaps it is true.
I am bad. Yesterday I was bad and I feel bad today. Knowing me I know that I will be bad tomorrow ....
Poor's who makes you feel bad when you're not already good.
Bad And who knows what words say to make you feel bad and I'll always blurted when it should be comprehensive.
bad is that you put me against the children, when it should leave them outside all
and Poor's who is indifferent to physical pain, when it should give you an idea to give you relief.
I, last night, I was all these things. Yes, and all together in one evening only.
Are you surprised? And if I told you that, in adolescence, even I did my father cry? And if I told you that when I was the entertainer was the most feared, especially by their mothers? And if I told you that it's been a period during which my brother called me Hitler? So you believe it? Why I know is really bad. And now, now that I'm still terribly angry, I do not care nothing about what I said, and what I did. In fact, I know perfectly well that, as I have written before, I will continue today, limiting my presence at the pure indiferrenza, because I know that indifference hurts and tremedamente discomfort.
I'm angry, and when I'm angry, really angry, then I become ill. But now, now I'm upset I do not mind being bad ... and even so, this is one more reason to be so.


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