Monday, March 7, 2011

Translated Soul Eater Doujinshi


you write stuff on the bathroom mirror a lot of years. Or post it. The morning there is always a small mocha already filled in and the cap is put on a yellow ticket that says "It 's ready." Or on the toilet paper. Papyrus with a pen liquid.
On the mirror, the top posts ended with "I love you!", Then at some point my mom was pregnant and then it said "you / I love you!" and when Charles was born has become "I love you." When my friends happen to come across out in the bathroom and always say "How nice, your." But we are also launching some
digs ... One day there I found a lot of written subtly trying to remember my father not to throw too much paper in the toilet and always pull the drain. The next day he had responded with a series of strips of masking tape with the words: "Come on, you can do it!" "We're almost there!" "You can do it!" And in the end, attached below the window: "You did it! Did you remember that .... I love you !!!".
How nice, my. What a story, they love.


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