Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brownies In Other Countries

There is no room.

"Italy is a country of old, run by old," he recalls Sergio Nava, author of "brain drain". It is not the first to put in front of the problem. Maybe it's therefore time to analyze the causes and strive to emerge from the rubble that is now the policy of our country. The oldest of Europe. Sara
Ungrateful, in "empty cradle", one of his recent articles on the Christian Family, points out that, in the North, the majority of women deliver their first child after the age of forty. They think the first thing to work, which often makes it impossible to devote himself to the family. First, because wages are significantly lower than needed to survive the high cost of living, but also with regard to office hours, which are no longer structured in a way that a woman with a child to support them. We
the usual. The biggest struggle for equality undertaken by the humanity which are transformed in the sad result of misrepresentations: just as globalization has become capitalism, women's empowerment led the woman to give priority to the money than the continuation of the species.
Forever young and career, leaving more space for future generations. Or rather, even so, without giving it to come into the world.
We are facing a phenomenon never seen before, the result of a sick and self-defeating mechanism that led to the birth of a society of people who refuse to leave the world in the hands of their successors, who no longer accept what is part of life always, or its end.
This leads the brain drain, which is discussed much, and the well-known phenomenon of big babies: this country is not structured to allow a boy to be autonomous. There is no place for "new young" if the earth is still populated by the "young old", those who already were in the 70s and continue to want to be forever.
This is part of a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out, as the media continue to propose models of woman who is "no age", which is not allowed to show any signs of weathering. And the same goes for men, no one is excluded, as Lorenzo Lipparini reminds us in his interview with Donna Moderna last November.
Imperfection is no longer permitted, but we forgot that perfection does not exist.
And this contradiction, in my opinion, this will that will bring our society to destruction.


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