Monday, January 10, 2011

Oster Blender Model 542d Series L


Here I am, back to reality after 10 days of vacation.
holiday that coincided with rest, as is my husband and I had hoped, but instead gave us full days, fun and special.
The new year saw us together more than ever, because these 10 days we have exploited to the fullest.

cultural tour in the province, in the great Torino, braving a cold day, walking about the streets with all the red noses and frozen hands. The children, all 3, with the nose upwards, to see various statues with the king on horseback, the huge square where you could run because no cars that makes it fun dangerous. Children who have adapted to city rules, travel by tram made up because no one made us sit ... even to children, that excited for this trip outside the city have not noticed the rudeness of the people.
Children who have been panting over a steaming toast of McDonald's, and have fun like crazy when, at last, we arrived at the Parco del Valentino in a big hall where there were a billion rides. Children who
exhausted, fell asleep during the journey back home.

New Year's Eve, thanks to the dinner with a couple of friends with twins of 6 years, passed on the balcony, wrapped in warm blankets to watch the fireworks, but especially to observe the flight of the balloons which started from the courtyard of the church and climbed up, higher and higher, more illuminating the sky already filled with colors.

Epiphany we met the old lady, who fell down the helicopter. We played with her, we overindulged in sweets, and we finally heated by a ring around the "babaco" of witch burning.

Now I'm in the office, Mile is at school, and Enrique Sam grandparents. Everything is back to normal, although there are 2 things that really warms my heart. 2 things really make me proud to be the mother of these 3 beautiful stars .... things that perhaps some not count for anything, but for me and my husband are really an extra boost.

the first .... Mile last night, before bed and its own accord, he said after crossing the first prayer ... and I was touched "thank God for these beautiful days ".... you made me live how many things are hidden in this little thought ....

and the second ... 3 different people who have nothing to do with my family, three people who between them do not even know, have come to me and my husband to let us compliments on the kids. "They're good, polite and obedient."
It 's a compliment to me that much, because if it is true that when I'm at home in their environment, sometimes I get really mad when they are away from home do not never give me any problem for me .... and this is really a symptom real pride !!!!!!


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