Tuesday, January 18, 2011

White Tonge Coating And Hiv


Dear Samuel ....
today Switch off your first candle ... well, I'll turn off your brothers because you're not yet capable.
yesterday I cried, I cried a lot tonight, and I cry and cry so much today, the day of your first birthday.
Happiness, nostalgia, guilt .... I have so many emotions inside of me I can not help but vent with tears.
I know I'm a good mom, you're great, you are peaceful, filled me with kisses every time you see me, you're growing up really well for me and this is a confirmation and a source of pride.
But I have a lot of guilt against you, that especially in this day so important to come out forcefully. Feelings of guilt that will never pass, because you and your unconditional love and so hard for me do nothing but food.
.... but I try to suppress your smile with 6 teeth is like a stab
trying to push ... but every time I squatted on my shoulder is like a stab in the chest
teneressimo ... you're a child sweet, love with me as I am of you. The first
reflux, dermatitis now ... we have put to the test because no one has given weight to my complaint. I tried, I studied, and I have solved these problems that you have your little star did so bad.
Now there's one thing that worries me about you ... do not walk! Yeah I know it's still early, but not even try to cheer you up, not dragging its feet .... you just lazy or is there something wrong?
daddy and I are doing a gymnastics gym ... a little improvised from two people who have no medical skills, but who are driven only by instinct and love Infitar to you.
cabbage .... And you're improving, better hurry. Now ... my feet do not really want to bet, but when we put you straight in the box, you keep all your strength to the handles and you're able to keep the balance, even without our help for 3 consecutive minutes. Laugh, perhaps too pleased by the new view that shows you everything from a different perspective ...
E. ... if I stopped running after your brothers to sit on the ground crawling, maybe I do not crease All those pants so fast !!!!!!!
A year ago, I thought this day would never come. The reorganization of time, space, the children manage their time, jealousy .... I did not see in front of me. Then ... natuarlmente time is spent alone, one day .... then two ... then three ... the first week ... the first month .... the arrival of good weather ... and I again saw the sun. Today I look back and think that the time, in fact, it's been almost too infretta. You're really beautiful ...
mother's heart. To say that I love is limited ....
you with your sweetness, with all that you, fills me with something extraordinary, and I wonder if in all my life, I will be able to also returned a small part of what you're giving me. Greetings
boy Samuel ... anuguri wholeheartedly.
Your mom and your dad


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