Sunday, January 23, 2011

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I like to go to school.

I did not understand why (or Perhaps the beginning was not so and was forced to stay in contact), but my classmates all seem made just to be together on their stalls. I then throw me out.
type is the group of the most diplomatic and secchioncelle, but last year he breaks out the hormone and do not understand anything. The jerk (in a good way) who is with the cagacazzo secchioncella with hormone exploded, fuck, the news spreads, the more gossip-hungry group that takes the story on the fly, the director, the lovely couple, one that goes Striptease at the motor show and study does not need anything else to what the fuck else can I do I like the engines pig God Stefano Andreoli on 'Why not' some time ago went like this: "I once wrote that if the internet world by eliminating those who go to motor shows, it becomes a better place, and almost everyone thought I was joking." Well, my idea is not very different. Then the two Adventists. And my idea about the Adventists do not differ much between the engine-addicted. Get engaged only with females of their own sect, on Saturday are allowed to come to school because they do not go to mass, stuff like that. I would like to join and then sbattezzarmi coming, so I can even get drunk on Friday night.
However, in other words, I said, every element fits perfectly with the others. Then in the evening
not ever meet them. NEVER. That is, except for a couple of girls who were the ones with whom I was buddies when I had not started to hate the neighbor, others do not exist. You go out and not know, do you think God knows where they go. I still ask myself. Apparently the truth is not going anywhere. That is, Forlì is small, you can not hide much.
Some 'of them went to the mountains to ski together.
At the tender age of nineteen years, I am taken their first drunk, like. I did not want them to finish the Christmas holidays because I was afraid of when they reported that week in class and I would not be able to withhold my comments. Oh well, they had also purchased from smoking. I wanted to sell it to me, heck, haha.
fit perfectly because they are all united by a codardaggine that makes you dream.
Things did not go well until it comes time to talk to the individual concerned. At that point, everything is perfect, have no problem.
But in the end I love you, come on. They are nice, all imparanoiatelli on their booklets.
I like to go to school, too. It helps me wake up before two in the afternoon. If not I would never have the pleasure of seeing the area I am also like the principal and make jokes about his missing eye. And I also like to study design. If not I could not tell me depressed. And being depressed is too young geek cool.


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