Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Do You Know Your Ringworm Is Healing

!!!!!! We are now reached the point where it became impossible to park pratiacmente.
Everywhere, there is no place anywhere. And you fight to take place "before I have arrived - Ugh I was there first though - you had just does not move - put the space is bigger."
Bike - push and walk - scooter - motorcycle-rocking-horse - Sam .... well you let him ... it's all a bustle.
Oops! I see a question mark appear on your heads .... parking, I am not referring to street parking, as there is always a lot luckily, I mean to find a space to house all these means moving between the living and the dining room.
now has become a nightmare. Because if one uses the toy car the other takes the bike. Immediately the machine is abbondonata in the hall for a scooter that is much faster. And then, there is also little that Sam is likely to be employed, especially when you decide to take the bike .. that deals with the wheels still attached to her beautiful space. So the baby who tries to run behind the wheel ... no brothers in tow, is moved from side to side.
Perhaps what is lacking is a really light .... or maybe a round .... or maybe move urgently in the new house, where each half will be placed in the garage and used exclusively outside!


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