Monday, January 10, 2011

How Much Does A Session Cost At Ballys

today since I left the house until now that I am almost five in the afternoon, the day has not arrived yet. And ok,. But this morning a friend of mine wrote me a message saying that a friend wants a nude photo shoot that is a bit 'Ghei and pays well and I thought, Zonta. Now you add on Facebook and we hope that reading this because you go to determine if they are aware that some Ghei as his friends say.
This afternoon I read this: "We all have our shame health due to acts of recklessness and / or adolescent exhibitionism. I, for example we have a scar on his forehead that I nearly took away his eye, I still remember, I was there skating, watching Ciccino There were two, then I sped up without being able to do and I am fallen against a railing. Then there's brother Benassi, that a child put a finger in the cage of rabbits and found the severed phalanx of the net, you see that they had mistaken for a carrot, and still feels, to give him my hand, that something is missing. Are things that give to think, you know that put a finger in the cage of rabbits maybe then you will remain half, when I think of all the times I put a finger in the cage of rabbits do not need to sleep.

Podeschi then do not talk about. Him, there was a girl he liked, a day at the gardens just saw passing walked on his hands, was also good, except that he lost the support and shoulder went down with a noise that was understood now, he that there shoulder not recover more, then there was the bent arm on the other hand, its a bad thing to see. Was thirty-six. "He told Alex Bonino, and then I was reminded of a story.
The story of fourteen Francescoadamo look for Antonio as he walked by Pius XI falls into the tank of capitoni in front of the fish.
Fatevelo you capitoni with a bathroom in the morning.


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