Monday, January 31, 2011

Savanna Samson/best Feet On The Plant

are dead.

I get the impression that I'm dead, then. They told me that the last type of death, then, was a contemporary. And I have found the author and 'is the week I buy the book if I can live a moment. BYTHEWAY, lizards in the tight fist. This morning I woke up as if it existed, this afternoon I slept and then I woke up I ate two pieces of pizza and a cauliflower, always as if they existed, and now I meditate on the possibility to summarize the innovations of Joyce now or in English around midnight, after a shower. Sometimes I do two or three a day, including treatment of hair. I do my hair I treat them as if they were all my sons, when I find some victim between the teeth of the comb, while more are in the shower, greeting them, I say goodbye, I remain in mourning for a while ', I caress them. I was eighteen, I live in Forlì from twelve to sixteen I was born and wind and it is a time when every day I feel a little 'strange. He's there, immediately after the first but just before the late afternoon, and I always find myself undecided on what to do when I'm home. Go to bed? Eating? Vegetate in front of the computer for a while '? Usually end up going to bed. And 'the time of my sleep. From four to seven and a half. It happens in winter, when I feel more that I'm dead. In the summer, things are better and less rain.
I'm still undecided, however, about the phrase "after the first week but just before the late ", I continue to reword it, I do not like the fact that he could not find a synonym or another something not to leave the" late "alone. In English it is much easier because when you are faced with this type of sentences and then you put down "one." If there were "one" after "late" would be more balanced, because it would function as the addition of a demonstrative adjective, or as if there were written "by the late" instead of " of late. "But in Italian it sounds bad, and then all this is considered an end in itself. Sometimes when I talk and I notice these things add to the parties in English sentences, but then no one understands me and I am again.
Returning to the fact and in summer it rains less and die less ... bhe. I must say that we are like holes in creation. Assuming for a moment that we can speak of creation. If it were only an evolutionary process initiated by total chance, we could speak of situations arising from the fact that we are not yet fully evolved. And just as the environment around us. Tiny little fingers of the type of pin that they say will disappear as your hair (this thing touches me on staff) and so on. So this failure of creation or evolution are such that the rain falls from the sky and in the same way all the rain. In short, no. In my opinion the land should autoirrigarsi from "below". The water would be collected and purified. When it was not possible to purify it, they would have collected from the rivers. And so on. Or the fact of birth. You will be able to perform the act that most natural of all existence should suffer? This thing is so incomprehensible to me that maybe I find it easier to believe the fact that it was the fault of Eve, rather than to find a rational explanation. In short, the chip that you sbrancano to give birth? Women (and animals .. that is, animalesse. That is, mammalian) die during this act? But how? Yet it is assumed that the mammalian female takes care of their babies after birth, so it should be acknowledged as a high risk of dying due to childbirth. This argument makes me crazy all the time. We note that
meteoropathic and feminist?
Then I'm eighteen and ending on the last school year in total inertia, and when I say that I'm dead though my body carries all the vital functions in an appropriate manner, what I mean is the apathy that grips me. So now I'm going to take a shower and counting her hair. Outside it is raining for days.


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