Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How To Decorate Folding Chairs

a blast from the past mistake of

few days ago, Mile is in the kitchen with a videotape that bear no label and asked me what was recorded inside.
do not know, I said, but let's put it into the VCR and see what's there.
Girls .... my mom that shot.
was a videotape that portrayed me, about 10 years ago, in a performance with the majorettes.
I was part of the majorettes for about 16 years .... since I was 7-8 years up to 24 I got married ... it was my passion. And I remember that, once stopped, I did not even go to concerts to see them pull out because I was in tears.
And I became too good ... in fact, it had become the whole group. When running the stick in the air and take it back after a ride on ourselves ... we we run together, it was a really fun one.
Here in Piedmont, Italy as in all the groups of majorettes are very few, so much so that in 2001 we went to "travel" in Sardinia, Guspini, to the parade starting at para-Olympics. We were treated like stars ... we looked like we were celebrities that .... laugh !!!!! We marched in the cold ....
participating from January to March in all the carnivals of the surroundings by engaging every Sunday afternoon and some evening ... well it happened and to change the province. Well ... we were
Bravin, all large, motivated .... it was a time stupedo.
I, thanks to my good knowledge of music, I always looked into this. Once you have chosen the base studied, dividing it into parts, marking the changes of time, remembering the jingles ... and according to all these data we sat down to study the various steps, movements and combinations of movements.
last time I was even become a "substitute for the captain," and then there I was .... the first row (that I being the highest in the group was always the last one) with the whistle in his mouth to "control" everything the group.
I had so much fun, I had a lot of satisfaction .... Cabbage
many memories lately ... I can not think of anything else .... I see and I see more with the bat in hand, the white skirt and red jacket .... and down on his hat.
There they were,,, again, tears in her eyes.


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