Friday, February 4, 2011

Does Brazilian Wax Look Like

home sweet home (2)

Once it was home sweet home .... now it's getting "stress that this house".
It 's been a long time since I had talked about the house, or better accommodation we decided to buy .... 2 months have already flown.
Well, things are going on and 15/02...tra 11 days, in theory we would act for the appointment by the notary.
girls ... But I really start to doubt, not so much for the accommodation itself but for all that the bureaucracy demands.
So ... the apartment. The apartment is really beautiful. A beautiful spacious living room, from which we can see the kitchen, Living and angled, separated from the living room with a big bow. The living room leads to a bedroom (which we now used as a games room), kitchen, or open a bullfight. From the hallway you can access the other 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, or to the closet.
The closet is not huge, but the square which makes it spacious. We put a washing machine and dryer, and will fill the shelves for detergents and so on.
The 2 bathrooms, blind, have just been renovated. One service, beautiful, with antique pink tiles, no shower nor bath. What struck me is that they have "covered" the whole tank instead of tiles, thus obtaining, with 4 doors instead of the wood for asiugamani. Inside there is a washbasin with a large mirror that covers the entire wall. The second bathroom ... do not really remember what color it is, has a shower. Call shower is a bit limited, since it is a brand new shower / sauna (with built-in alarm bell in case of illness) that we have no intention of changing.
new tiles, new health, new windows ... I have absolutely nothing to do but give the white .... but in the living room, where I will put the piano, there is a beautiful Venetian stucco wall but cover because I do not like the color.
We left very happy, the owners have a clear need sell and then sell it at a very competitive price.
It is the compromise and just happened ... things change.
It turns out that there is an agreement with the town ... and it goes well, the thing is resolved.
But then he discovers that there is also a right to build the new owners have not redeemed. We talk, we discuss the price falls further ...
But then, without going into detail, there are other little things bureaucratic, which does not involve some kind of trouble, but I do run between the bank / engineer / owner / geometri...e it, and then retracts ...
.... I'm tired of discussing this is it!


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