Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Peeing Alot And Period Pain

The arrival of Enri

The 04/07 was to be born, and the 7.4 was born.

the same day of his grandfather ... at the end of midnight in the dark of night, in the dim lights of the delivery room, asleep in the silence of the corridors.

07.04.2008, h 23.50 - Friday - his blue eyes and my parents met for the first time.

was already a little star Enrique, but he (or us) they were aware of.

That evening, the night of 04/07 was organized a concert, to which both my brothers, my sister and my dad would have been an active part as members of the band.

Then, for some days, I kept repeating to my tummy please, do not make jokes, if you really want to be born that is at least 04/07 in the morning or early afternoon to the max. " The logistics cycle times by my parents for the "withdrawal" of Mile that day, just for the preparations and all the rest were a bit limited ....

And instead, the little brat has started to be felt at 16.00 pm. Small contraction, which for a normal person would have meant nothing, but since the previous birth of Mile would have meant so much to me.

few contractions, spaced out a lot together, but very painful.

At 1800 my husband called me from work saying he would be late ... ok, I told him .... but not tardardare too, you know I'm not too fit.

He did not understand .... and I'm not down in details.

When it soon becomes clear that something is wrong, we order pizza and start a pull-and-pull between us, "we go to the hospital," he says "no, but you say" I say "call the grandparent who are taking Milena "repeats" but no, come on, wait a little longer. "

Then go to the bathroom, begin to be some small loss of blood ... ok maybe we really ... too bad that they now 20:00 ... I wonder if the grandparents are still at home.

Phones, and my father's usual late is still there. And takes the car comes to pick Mile, all happy to spend the night outside.

...." Then come on, De, go to the hospital "-" no, I'm not coming, I'm afraid, you go alone I'll wait here "

" come on, do not be silly, come before it's too late, and then what you want it, you've already done once "-" is precisely here, I do not want me cuciano again. I'm not going! "

I was practically brought to the machine arm, and me I threw a tantrum like a child. Do not ask what happened to me, but I was really frightened. I did not want to give birth!

arrived at the hospital, I do the layout - are about 21.00 - and repeated the same phrases as last time "does not seem in a labor the contractions are few and read" ... I explain the previous round and midwife then become, by that time "under special surveillance." do not leave me in peace even a minute. I

pelvic examination, this time I can. There is a doctor, that Fabrizio really nice. Young, blond, with green eyes ... almost puts me in awe. I visit, and I said "Madam, I have to say it to him this, because if no one believes the story, she's already 5 cm ... but these contractions with her .... is made to have children! "

I assign the room, the same room and same bed where I had Mile.

's almost 22 .... say to my husband who can go home because it could take all night "knows, is only half way", but of course my husband is with me.

walk the halls silent, we hold hands .....

At about the 23 stetrica tells me go to delivery room .... full expansion. The origin pretty frequently tell me to tell me that is a joke, it is impossible ... it is surely a joke ... about to give birth and is as quiet as if he were to go for the expenditure "in the labor room

Vado, begin the push ... but I block. scream that I will not give birth, I'm afraid of the points that I will later, and I want to go home, promising to return them the next day.

make me go into the delivery room, things are complicated. I can hold the contractions which are now completely gone. They try to tell me that the baby is likely to suffer ... but I say I do not give a damn.

At some point the origin beautiful, it's always him, I climb the bulging, and Henry was born. Just like that .. in a moment .... and are
I sew, of course, and I cry because of the many things that the midwife was there that I had sworn that I would not sew. But this time ... no pain, no

anything I relax, but I cry, knowing that he had said horrible things that reassure me .... but I definitely think ...." is normal, do not worry. The second part is always harder than the first , and then you Sforni them so fast that you do not even have time to digest it "

cell phone rang ... my husband had forgotten to turn it off .... me ask if that was the grandfather Enrique was already born.

And so he is becoming famous.

famous because my dad came late to the concert, and the master, at the microphone said "the announcement that Mr. E. arrived late because her daughter is in hospital to give birth to the baby Enri" ... the country is small, I know all. E 'party and a big round of applause was given a piece.

And then, after the concert .... all in a pizzeria and when it was announced that indeed was already born, has been made a toast that has conivolto all.

E 'famous little Enrique, because even now when they see me they say "ah, he was born the night of the concert ... I remember it very well."

Now the baby has two years and a half ... is sensitive, but judicious daring, romantic but obnoxious, sweet but also rebellious.

has 2 big green eyes that attract attezione all of which make me to be terribly jealous.

Henry is .... Henry!


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