Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Like People To Watch Me Masterbate Vids

What has happened to me:

What has happened to me:
The person I loved most of my life and more than anyone else I loved before *, after a fight about something stupid but I had done much to exacerbate say, 'Okay, let us "but only to scare him, has seen fit to take the ball and finally tell me what he thought for a long time: that does not love me, that I have never loved even" trying " and there's never done with any of them, who can not see me as nothing more than a friend and who, let's the right thing to do.
When I told him (after quarrel) did not want to be with him, though, I had asked her to try again, that they were still together, I made the mistake of not immediately say yes and make peace on the day and he after he had made his decision. That is not to see me again.
To which I would disappear and you will not find my medicine because I was with him while I was using did not and now I do not know where the hell I put them.
I might have to take everything a bit 'more.
He was perfect, had the perfect friends, we were all beautiful things, was handsome, I wanted to read books, if only I had spent more time, you could see he did not love me, but every now and then he said to me, is to be noted that only a few times he said it first, I remember so well the time we back from the Blank Dogs, his "I love you" were almost always only one answer, but these things do not want to see, that is, I told him, I asked him but do not you like but do not love me but you do not like to see me and he said but not what you say. Then the bad things
guy who does not love me and who does not want to be with me and he happened to come to me with no desire to see me so he gave me the phone. "Because if you cry and I'll see you after I return with you and does not go well, then soon return to where we are now. "Then I broke his balls for two days and finally came to Forlì, we talked for Thias of the stairs, I was dead, his heart, he told me the same things without even closer, then I He hugged me after I prayed for half an hour, then I looked at the chest from the neck of the shirt.
then did not give me a kiss.
I told him I loved him so much. Truly I tell him every day for almost six months. It does not matter.
Yesterday I asked how it was possible that he missed and he told me I never said, I miss you, yes, but not in that way. But how? Okay I know how. But how?
What gear did not work for which he is now the most important thing the world to me and I did not absolutely necessary? Yet
've got friends, beautiful things happen to me ... but because they saw what we could become if only he had taken from his head the idea of \u200b\u200bdistressing relationship between two people of different sexes who?
says that in reality no one has ever loved, just me, and then could not fool myself as he had done with them all. No

but oh well fuck you.

* I know that there is little love and love so much, says Benigni, no one is dead or just dead time. But it was to show that I've never been so taken by anyone.


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