Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can You Wash A Duffel Bag In A Washing Maschine


in better shape, I feel better, maybe not, leaves, meat, I am reminded of the artistic gymnastics, video tape, housewives at home in the morning, rain, change the channel. Three pounds in one month, I'm hungry, keratin, four calories per gram, the Daft and friendship, there are three types of death. The pronunciation, no beard, best of a bad game, is not it, covered, html, studied art! Gets things, sandwiches, allergy, the dirt road, the steps, boredom, waiting, propane and spark, I can not find things, harassment, chutzpah, the apple chewed, sirloin steak, lean meat. Indifference, in the end I can not, scales, oil, second right. Flying Lotus, is uncomfortable, I apologize, Milan, singers fags, no limit, update. The ABC, seemed difficult, just good music to fuck, anacolouth, I'm like autumn leaves on the trees, the meat and peppers. Washed, dance. - "Writing Milan." - "Milan because I refuse to write about us? Vasco Brondi? -" Okay, then put us on the accent or as Sigur Ros. "

(M + F)


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