Monday, February 21, 2011

Is Poopingalot A Sign Of Pregnancy

Sunday Bestial

Although Sam did Friday and then the vaccine is really bad, always the little
despite their poor little sleep since Friday, he complains a lot, is picky, boring, and a whole host of other cute little adjectives,
here. .. despite all of this yesterday was really a brutal Sunday.
carnival is sacred to me, I love it and I take care in every detail.
I like to participate, I like to have fun, I also like that if you shove the confetti everywhere ... I also like to clean up after.
I do not mind the chaos, confusion, noise .... It 'CARNIVAL.
And so yesterday I took the kids cernevale the children in my hometown, where I know all moms, dads, grandparents, dogs and goldfish. I was already in
fibrillation by day, with clothes hanging in the closet, streamers and confetti bought quite a while and waiting to be spread everywhere.
A little torn in my desire for perfection and instead to follow the wishes of the children ... of course they had won. And so ...
Mile in her fuchsia dress by barbie ... but no crown or circles in my head because they do not stand in his
Enri Tutone ... but without a lion's head because it gives him trouble, and without the tail because otherwise the other kids pulled gliel'avrebbero
and dressed as a bunny for Sam, was immaculate in the closet because the natural good sense has prevailed on every instinct they have, and he was at home with his grandmother.
I played, pulled confetti, threw confetti and threw confetti.
I chatted, finally, with a lot of moms and dads, I threw confetti, and continued to throw confetti.
got home .... we had confetti scattered everywhere, even inside the diaper Enrique, Mile was as if he had a shirt more.
But we had a great time ... and today, asylum, is the first thing that Miles told his teacher.
AH, how I love the carnival .... I can not wait to be next Sunday !!!!!!


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