Sunday, February 13, 2011

Canon Printer D680 Compatibility With Mac

Valentine's face ....

In theory, this day should come out from my eyes so many hearts in love and many stars .... And instead
leave only arrows, sharp and full of beautiful electricity.
And by the way, I also somehow doubt that today is Monday 14 and Friday 17.
It's only 8:55 and that's what happened to me when, just two hours ago has sounded the alarm right.

-) I dressed Mile after breakfast, but while she was dressing Enrique has seen fit to take even a biscuit tea was spilling all over him (he had even coat / scarf / hat)

-) I've changed a fight with because she did not want his pants remained clean in the closet and discovered that even his socks were soaked tea

-) time to exit His voice came out this phrase, "Mama, but the jacket is wet" ... so I went looking for a jacket integrates

-) time to go out, I sadly realized that my house keys and the machine remained in the jacket of my husband ... too bad that he works 30 km away ...

-) I try the spare keys, and when I go I can not leave the door because a car that was entering the court rejected it with one that was coming out

-) now I am late .... I can not bring Mile kindergarten and I'll ask my mom, just that today is Monday and must also make the bed

-) at 8:20 am there is a deadly traffic, I take the short cut that goes directly from my parents' house on the highway but there's still a jeep driver who is happily chatting with a passerby. I have taken for crazy, but I lowered the window and I yelled

-) arrived in the office (late) my owner tells me that tomorrow will not accompany me to a conference in Turin and I have to go alone (which I though I drove up in Croatia without problems, we do not know To turn ....)

-) snow is expected tomorrow

it enough ????????? NO because tomorrow I should also do the deed by the notary ......
I'm afraid, because tomorrow before it gets there are still 15 hours ....
assure you that all I wrote what really happened to me this morning, although it may seem absurd.


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