Thursday, February 17, 2011

Funny Things About Cake


And yes, finally, after 4 years of research are officially homeowners.
4 years where we viewed homes, apartments, farmhouses to renovate
4 years where we have even thought of being able to build our love nest according to our personal tastes completely starting from 0
And now it's done! It does not seem real. From Tuesday, 15/02
I too am part of the "rich" owners .... so that is tempting, but .... a famous advertising saying "there is always something behind" ... and my "something behind "are 20 mutual !!!!!!!
But we will succeed in spite of my salary now halved from part.time. Because this loan was the result of a careful selection, studied in detail .... and then ... change what I think you have a mortgage on his shoulders, instead of a holiday as it was in the last 7 years?
Basically I do not change anything, just the word "mortgage" that is scary ..
... Well before the move will go a few more months.
few months to get the best, especially to explain to Mile that has to get used to the idea.
She saw her home, she likes ... but of course does not see it as his own.
do not know what I'd give to be where I am now. I like it, I love this little house, although a few are 80 square meters. Are not enough for us that we are in 5, where the children sleep in the living room, where there is a cellar to be exploited. But it is a beautiful house, in the main street, full of comfort for me .... for a mother often alone with three children and then have to organize on outings, walks in, the daily shopping. And then a beautiful playground, not too far from home.
move I'm sorry too, but the logistics needs it.
I am large, I understand and I adjusted.
The problem will be children. Mile categorically refuses even the idea when he hears talk about the new house goes on the rampage ...
but that's another story, an important story that deserves a separate post.
soon as I have time I will speak of this too.


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