Monday, February 28, 2011

Alternative To Profantasy

advice, concerns and common sense

Saturday evening I was having dinner at a friend's house.
6 adults and 5 children (3 were mine) that were confusing, all playing together.
course, between me and the other two mothers have left comments on the children ... sleeping, eating, education .... Corsivo
I generally I avoid give advice to other moms because I do not want me just because I consider that to be presumptuous, as children, I have 3 .... Saturday
And I really struggled to keep his mouth shut, but I am convinced I did the right thing. Me and this other mother have 2 different characters.
I worry rarely address issues as they are finding the solution on its own or at least discussing it with my husband ... anyway, stirring, for me, is not home.
M., however, is agitated, wants certainty 1000, wants to know, wants to have everything under control and always, is anxiety-made person.
His daughter, whose name is like mine, is 11 months.
you, Mom, it's really desperate because aldifuori can not do anything to cook for her daughter. Yes, because at 11 months eats pureed stuff because he has not yet tried to give her solid stuff, not even a piece of bread, because the pediatrician and he's not yet said
The Pharmacokinetic jelly fresh every day, lunch and evening because the pediatrician said to do so
not ever be the jelly heated because the pediatrician told her not to do so
"but as you do with three?" I asked?
And I answered, "but excuse me, but the stuff you heated the day before did not you ever eat?" "Yeah, right ... so why not do so well with your daughter? If you're not evil, not nothing will happen even to you ...
"but from what you have snack? to me because the pediatrician said to give him plain yogurt and I blend the fruit on it, but the child does not eat!"
"but you - I said - you've tasted? E 'abominable enough yougrt the white, acid is" yes. I said, it is not at all good "
What have I said? "But if you can not even eat you, how do you expect her to do it? I advice you will not do, because everyone does as he wishes, but if you believe in me let it be what you say to your pediatrician and follow the Your instinct "....
"ah, so I can give you seconds to drink water 'cause my pediatrician says ....
I found this discussion quite absurd .... ok, there are pediatricians who are supposed to simply give you a general guidance, but there are also the maternal instinct, common sense and practical sense. If you
sembraassurdo that your pediatrician has told you not to give water to your children, because the jelly has everything that you need ... Give it some water anyway ... what do you want to succeed in this little creature? Absolutely nothing
If it seems absurd that he has not eaten bread, and who is not intrigued by solid foods, try to offer bread or rice .... crekers not hurt him for sure. But it's so
diffile? I wonder ....
I have focused instead on more ...
addition to my three children, were M. of just 11 months, and R. 16 months .... well, leaving R and hail to make comparisons, but between M and my Sam is an abyss.
M. is 10,000 light years ahead .... and do not know how much it hurts to admit this. Crawling, standing up, it has fluid movements, is sure if ...
instead .... Sam is funny, she is still walking on my ass, so not really walking but moves from his seat. It 'more rigid, it is not fluid, is clumsy.
I do not care if he is able to eat a piece of pizza or a pasta dish, where the bieron of milk for breakfast if you eat alone, or if you already say 7 / 8 words ... I I just do not walk, that's not really able to rise up .... and I'm worried!
I know that every child has its time and bla bla bla, but I have so many .... but the head, really.


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