Friday, January 21, 2011

I Really Like This Guy


The first Sam's birthday. brought me back in time with the memory. I happen to think back to the expectation and the birth of my children's e. .. why not tell it here?
When we decided to try to expand the family, we were a bad experience. I lost a baby a few months before and I really struggle to recover psychologically. Was as my husband drove me to try again, and I did just for him, because for me the chapter if children could be safely closed, he kept us so much, really. We tried
Mile for 6 months .... and every time I came round the cry of happiness. I was not ready for motherhood a second ....
When the test was positive I cried. I cried a lot, because I was afraid. Fear that we could repeat all, fear of failing again, fear of hurting my husband again.
I wrapped the book of names that we had bought just before him and put under the pot. When he saw me in a long tight hug. I cried ... dinuovo, I explained everything what goes through my head, my fears and everything else. He simply told me "we'll get together" ... and everything changed from that sentence. A beautiful
my pregnancy. No nausea, no gains no kind of problem, all values \u200b\u200bof the standard.
Around 7 months I found that mid-August in 2006 (most days fewer days) would become the mother of Milena.
the evening of August 9, 2006 classic evening stroll with my maritom in the meantime I called my mom to know how I am "well, we're going for a walk" We went to a couple of his cousins \u200b\u200bwho lived within walking distance from us, we ate tiramisu and the girl said "I do not recommend it here ".... how come laughter we made!
I go home, really difficult, because the belly at every step to set. But I was not bad, I did not really hurt.
go to bed at 2 ... the contractions start ... too spaced every 30m to go to the hospital, even if I did not realize they were contractions, I thought I had heartburn caused by the tiramisu. Ohni contraction 30 minutes - I was going to pee - and I fell asleep again. After 30 minutes he repeated the same scene. My husband, oblivious to everything, I was also angry, saying "but you have to do all this mess? You can not stop directly in the bathroom instead of getting up again?" At 7
these pains, always very slight, becomes erratic. My name is husband (the hospital is not even 10 minutes from home) and everything gets quiet, it makes a hearty breakfast, we start taking the camera .... that's almost 8.
When we arrived at the hospital make me do the track, 40 minutes, which detects very slight contraction. The nurse tells me I do not have a face that is in labor ... mha, if you say so, I trust! Actually that is not so bad themselves. He adds, "Look, you go ahead with these contractions are 2 or 3 days, however you do the visit and then decide the dafarsi.
Well .... I have yet to make the visit today! At 9, I remove the path, as I stand up I become all white and gynecologist, who had since I arrived asks if I'm wrong. "Well, I actually want to push" I say. I cling to the wall, I can not even walk. It frightened everyone bring a wheelchair, and slammed a door between me and the other lead in the delivery room. Have been about 9:05 .... well I do not believe it but this is so, I assure you, at 9:26 of 10/08/2006 my daughter was born!
no pain if not in the last quarter of an hour. I have advertised throughout the hospital, called me "mom ".... sprint Around 10
phone to my mom "Hello, I wanted to tell you that you become a grandmother, a half hour ago did your granddaughter" ... silence .... no one answers the other side ...." Mom, there are you? I am ... I wanted to say that six became a grandmother, but do not worry we're fine ".... silence ... "Mom ?"..." yes, there are ... well ... but yesterday you told me you were a lie ... you were already in the hospital ... "" Listen mom come round, I'll tell you when we see how it went! "
Just like that ... I took a liar by his mother, on the one hand not in labor when I was all right, I did go to the 'hospital in a panic because the delivery room was not ready ....
One coincidence is common to all three of my parts: 5 bedroom 3 bed .... all the time. In the same room and same bed .!!!!!!
Soon I will tell you the birth of Enrique and the Sam ... just as quick and painless to Mile


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